Integrated Research Training Group


We are delighted to offer an Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) as an essential part of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1371 funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The complexity of this CRCs research topic represents an exceptional challenge to PhD students and postdocs as it requires the integration of knowledge from different disciplines in chemistry, biology, medicine and clinical research and application.

The Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) will provide talented young scientists with a project-related qualification program during their PhD. This program is dedicated to the integration of knowledge and methodologies from multiple disciplines which are key to identifying and tackling the outstanding biological questions.

PhD students will acquire a broad spectrum of theoretical expertise and technical skills, ranging from genetically engineered and germ-free animal models, organoid cultures, immunological and microbiological tools, to complex metagenomics, metabolomics, and quantitative lipdomics, accompanied by efficient data management and bioinformatical analyses.

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